Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: CareRinger is an automated service. It can call to check-in 24×7. If the call is not answered, the system will contact the designated (trusted) contacts. The standard plan uses only the phone for check-in, there is no other equipment to purchase.

Q: I am carrying a panic button for my safety (e.g. Life Alert), will CareRinger affect the use of this device?

A: CareRinger simply calls you at the time of your choosing. It can be used in addition to any other services as long as they don’t interfere with each other during the check-in call.

Q: How do I pay for this service?

A: The service is FREE to our trial users. Paid service is available for an affordable fee, starting from $19.50/month. We bill through Square.

Q: How do I get started?

A: CONTACT US and request the sign-up forms for Individual_Plan/Free_Trial SIGN-UP. Once the sign-up forms are completed, return them to us by mail or by fax (805-210-3168). Your reassurance calls will start according to your instructions. We will also accept email attachments sent to

Q: How do I stop the service?

A: You and your designated contact(s) can opt-out of this service anytime. The instructions are on the sign-up forms or you may contact for assistance.

Q: I know I will be away from my phone for the next check-in call. What should I do?

A: We recommend you let your designated contact(s) know in advance. You can also check-in early by following a few simple steps. The CareRinger system will know not to call you this time. You can suspend the service for a period of time. By doing so, you will not be asked to sign up for the service next time when you want to activate the service.

Q: How do I check-in early?

You can call our service number to check-in, or use our button products to acknowledge your well-being. There is no need to wait to answer the check-in call later.

Q: What are the considerations for Panic Button versus Daily Call from CareRinger?

A: CareRinger is NOT meant to replace the panic button. However, you can repurpose the CareRinger check-in button to alert your contacts when you may need their help.

Q: What people say about the CareRinger service?

A: Here is an article posted in the ACORN newspaper in Thousand Oaks, the home of CareRinger. Please also refer to the testimonials for our customer comments.

*** Check-in calls must be answered within 5 rings (about 20 seconds). Otherwise, the call is considered not answered and the designated contact will be notified of the status. Voicemail set to answer calls in less than 5 rings will need adjustments for a longer wait time. Your phone provider may also pick up the call automatically when the phone is turned off. These situations could result in false positives that are not planned for. To troubleshoot, please contact for support. ***

Note: Please visit this FAQ page again for updates