CareRinger™ Trial Invitation

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We are interested in better understanding the demographics of the people using telephone reassurance to care for their friends and loved ones and how they feel about the service. CareRinger was conducting a free trial in the Conejo Valley and nearby areas. The problem we are facing is like a Tsunami coming and we are seeing the water receding. We believe CareRinger will provide major relief to senior care, benefiting the seniors as well as everyone involved.

The trial period has ended. We appreciate the support of those who has signed up for the trial. As a result of your involvement, CareRinger has proven to be a great service our seniors can rely on, even if they are miles apart from their caregivers. With the Amazon Echo, our participants can even check-in early using voice commands.

Going forward, anyone interested in this technology can still register for a free trial by completing the sign-up forms available from our website. Receiving calls from their loved ones to provide reassurance is an experience our seniors would appreciate, especially when they are alone for an extended period of time. The free trial will cover a period of up to three months. Should you decide that CareRinger is not for you, you can opt out of this trial anytime. There are no other obligations and we thank you for trying the service just the same.

Perhaps, you’re a family caregiver. You usually call your mom to check in on her because she has gotten herself into trouble in the past. Your arrangement for CareRinger to check-in on her could be the next best thing that could happen to her. Why not give it a try to find out more?

Request the free trial sign-up forms now.