Patricia’s family learned about the service from her senior center. They signed up for the service since 2016 and has been receiving the daily call ever since.

“I love the message; I always say thank you to the lady at the end” she said. “I’m not worried when I miss the call, because I know it will call again to confirm.”

Marlene has been receiving the nightly call since 2016.

“We find this service to be very valuable and it gives my daughter peace of mind. Thank you for providing us with this service.”

Recently, she has moved to a home and would no longer require the service. Her daughter says the service has provided her and her mother with the comfort and peace of mind as intended over the years.

“The service is great, I would definitely refer the service to anyone who might have a need for it.”

Lavera’s husband is a client of Senior Concerns. She and her family signed up for the service in 2017.

“It’s nice to be able to share with clients when they are looking for products to provide peace of mind for the safety of their loved ones”, said Carie, her service advocate.

It has been working for her and providing reassurance for her daughter in Michigan during the fire seasons.

“I think she is feeling much more secure knowing that she has a way to check in daily and verify that she is well.”

Joanne found out about the service from her senior center class in 2016 and signed up for the service. The service is very important to her. Despite a few minor glitches at the beginning, she and her family like the experience and let her building manager Erma know about the service. We thank them for being a loyal customer and helping us with the fix.