Telephone Reassurance

CareRinger cares for you and your loved ones simply using the telephone you already have. There is no equipment to purchase to get started. As a participant, experience the simplicity of a daily call at the time of your choosing. If you are not able to answer your CareRinger call, a designated contact, a friend, or one or more member of the family will be notified. CareRinger is a great companion for seniors who are homebound or someone who finds themselves in a vulnerable situation at times and would like CareRinger to let their designated contacts know if they need their help. It provides a feeling of comfort and peace of mind to them and to everyone involved.

As a family caregiver, CareRinger helps you keep watch on your loved ones without being overly intrusive. We respect everyone’s privacy and would not start the service unless we have their consent, and will stop the service when asked to. We’d like you to verify the authenticity of the service as a trial user for FREE. Just download the sign-up forms or contact us to register now.

Please view the video to see how CareRinger works



24/7 Feeling of Comfort for everyone involved • Daily calls offer reassurance • Be mindful of daily routines • Aging in place



Business Opportunities • Add value to your products • Build customer relationship and reduce churn • Drive productivity by helping your caregiver employees to care for their loved ones



Aging Population Challenges • Support care from friends and family • No volunteers, no call-centers • Reassurance for all

Telephone Reassurance for All

Telephone Reassurance for All

Daily Call Offers Reassurance A few years ago, the president of Senior Concerns Andrea Gallagher had an article in the Thousand Oaks Acorn about telephone reassurance1. She wrote about using PERS (e.g. Life Alert) for safety and how daily calls

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"Feelings of comfort and independence, combined with memories and a social network, keep seniors in their homes."

"Feeling safe, minimizing worry and giving peace of mind to yourself and your family will benefit everyone involved."

Andrea Gallagher President of Senior Concerns, Thousand Oaks

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