CareRinger and its reassurance system can provide feelings of comfort and peace of mind to our seniors and everyone involved. It alerts your designated contact, friends or family when you miss your check-in call. There is no equipment to purchase to get started.

   • As a participant, experience the simplicity of a daily call at the time of your choosing to help you stay independent and enjoy life.

   • As a family caregiver, CareRinger helps you maintain communications with your loved ones without being overly intrusive.

Experience the service as a trial user for FREE. Just download the sign-up forms or contact us to register now. *** We respect your privacy and would not start the service unless we have your consent, and will stop the service when asked to.

Button Products:

An integrated 1-Click device with Amazon AWS Support

NEW! Carry this check-in button like a PERS for the peace of mind, or place one or more button anywhere in a home - such as the bathroom - where people don’t usually carry their phone or PERS with them.

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When the light is lit, just tap on the button to turn off the light and there will be no more check-in call to answer this time. This feature offers seniors and those with difficulty hearing ample time to communicate their well-being to their loved ones, without having to rely solely on their telephone for check-in calls.

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To know your other options, please read our stories to keep up with what CareRinger has to offer.

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"Feelings of comfort and independence, combined with memories and a social network, keep seniors in their homes."

"Feeling safe, minimizing worry and giving peace of mind to yourself and your family will benefit everyone involved."

Andrea Gallagher President of Senior Concerns, Thousand Oaks

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Daily Calls Offer Reassurance • Provide relief to family caregivers • Support aging in place • 24×7 feelings of comfort for everyone involved


For-Profit Organizations

Introduction… For-Profit Opportunities • Add value to in-home products and services • Achieve a memorable experience that leads to a trusting relationship • High customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction as a result


Non-Profit Organizations

Introduction… Community Based Focus • Support call-buddies with unobtrusive, senior-friendly features • Scalable turn-key operation • A great service addition in any senior community