Care Buddy Partnership Program

3 Reasons to Partner with CareRinger™

Specialized Program to differentiate your business

CareRinger will make the calls and notify the agency’s personnel and all other designated care buddies if the calls are not answered.

  • While some seniors may like the idea of a daily call, finding someone responsible to be his/her care buddy is not always possible.
  • The agency’s trusted caregiver could be the care buddy of choice.

Exceptional Customer Experiences for a trusting relationship.

CareRinger calls are unobtrusive, while offering peace of mind to everyone involved.

  • Seniors are concerned with unwanted calls (or scam calls) if the calls are not expected.
  • Customers decide on the time of the call, day or night, so they know it’s not an unwanted robocall. They can check-in early too.

Easy to get started with CareRinger’s 24×7 proven system

Start small. CareRinger allows your business to scale its energy on customer care, acquisition, and retention activities to succeed.

  • This value-added service will benefit the business with a demonstrated return on investment or you will not be charged for the service.
  • Evaluate the care buddy program for free.
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When signed up as a designated-contact, the agency personnel become one of the care buddies CareRinger will notify when calls to the client recipient are not answered. For seniors alone at home, follow-up service from the agency offers peace of mind to everyone involved. This could be an on-going memorable experience in a relationship that benefits all.