Mr. Trubey sitting at home“Alexa, ask Careringer to check on me.” That’s all Mr. Trubey has to say to start a check-up call when he thinks he needs help. If the call is not answered, his friend next door will be notified.

Amazon Echo Dot

Daily call offers reassurance.

Mr. Trubey also gets his daily check-up call at the time of his choosing. He can check-in early too, by just saying “Alexa, ask CareRinger to cancel.”

CareRinger provides the feeling of comfort and peace of mind to Mr. Trubey, who lives by himself and spends an extended period of time alone at home. It is not meant to replace Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), such as Life-Alert. For trial users, the service is free.

red telephoneMr. Trubey has an Amazon Echo1 device so he can use the “CareRinger Companion” skill for voice commands. For others who are not as tech savvy as Mr. Trubey, CareRinger can operate with just a plain old telephone for them.

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1Amazon Echo, Alexa are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

About the author: Henry is a former telecommunications professional, now attending to the special needs of elderly people. For the past 5 years, he has been teaching seniors about senior-friendly technologies in his local communities. He is an inventor and Founder of CareRinger and holds patents on methods that apply to his service. 
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