Half the people in the U.S. do not take their meds properly. This motion activated method utilizes the Blink camera or a compatible device to help people take their meds properly. According to Dr. B. Chan, my nephew: “Most of us have difficulty starting new medications, particularly those who requires taking them at certain times of day or multiple times per day – this requires developing new habits and routines.” CareRinger© will help you build these habits to improve your health.

Are you a serious meds user? The persistence factor in this reminder setup will help you with your medication adherence needs. It works tirelessly with the Blink Camera or a compatible device to remind you to check your meds when you are close by but stays nice and quiet when there is no reminder pending. It calls to remind you when you are away, and lets your loved ones know when you miss your call.

You already have a reminder, but you often miss the split-second reminder message because you are not around or keep getting reminder messages you don’t need. This method will make a difference. Simply add the CareRinger (Check My Meds) skill to the action of an Amazon routine and use the Blink camera to trigger this routine to get started. Let Alexa© remind you according to your instructions. In essence,
blink camera

  • The Blink camera checks for your presence at the times of your choosing and reminds you when you are around.
  • When you are not close to the camera, the reminder will call to remind you instead, and notify one or more of your designated contacts when you are not responding to the call.
  • After you let Alexa know that you have taken your meds, Alexa will stay quiet, and you will NOT get the reminder call.

echo dot

You can also use this setup to remind you of other routines as well. Let’s be reminded to stay healthy and safe.

To begin, you must enable the check my meds skill and register for the CareRinger service. For information to complete the sign-up forms, please visit www.careringer.com, or contact support@careringer.com for assistance.

         CareRinger Inc. is an innovative company providing products and services to enable seniors living an independent lifestyle to stay healthy and safe. 
About the author: Henry is a former-telecommunications professional, now attending to the needs of elderly people. For years, he has been teaching senior-friendly technologies in his local communities. He is an inventor and Founder of CareRinger, Inc., and holds patents on methods that apply to his service.

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