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Many reminder devices and services use sound or voice for the alert. Some can even tell you what the reminder is about. Try adding a light that turns on automatically to remind you at the time of your choosing and notice the difference. More than that, have you thought about letting your loved ones know that you are doing OK when you turn off that light?

Smart lights are often deployed in home automation projects. For a very affordable price, you can schedule one or more smart lights to turn on and off for you too. When you are away from the light switch, just use your cell phone to control the lights. If you have these smart lights at home, CareRinger1 can work with them to improve your quality of life. Here is how it works.

CareRinger is able to work with the Internet of Things (IoT) so when you turn off a smart light, it knows you don’t need the check-in call from CareRinger this time. For people with memory challenges, this could help them maintain their independence while providing relief to everyone involved. It will work well for those with difficulty hearing too, but who are perfectly fine to read a reminder message placed by the smart light.

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My friend JK has been using CareRinger as a reminder for his daily medication for some time. Although he can check-in early using his phone or his Amazon Echo2, he usually responds when CareRinger calls him. Occasionally, his wife gets the call when he misses his reminder call. “Using a smart light for early check-in works for me,” he said. After setting up a smart light to turn on one hour before the CareRinger call, he starts taking his medication when he sees the light-on. After that, he turns off the light so CareRinger will not call to remind him again until the next day.

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JK does not have a cognitive issue. For others, like my mom who is 92 now, memory impairment associated with old age represents a significant challenge to them and their caregivers. Technologies like the smart light and IoT offer assistive alternatives for my mom to overcome the barriers as a result of her cognitive disability so she can continue to perform activities of daily living on her own. For more information, please visit the CareRinger website or contact us.

1 CareRinger™ alerts your designated-contact when you do not answer your check-in call at the time of your choosing.

2 Amazon Echo is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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CareRinger is a Dementia-Friendly Organization

About the author: Henry is a former-telecommunications professional, now attending to the needs of elderly people. Since 2012, he has been teaching seniors about senior-friendly technologies in his local communities. He is an inventor and Founder of CareRinger and holds patents on methods applying to this service.
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