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CareRinger light button: Tap to check-in

Family caregivers using the CareRinger service can experience peace of mind when their loved ones answer the check-in call. This year, CareRinger has introduced the light button so they can tap to check-in when it’s lit up. For seniors away from home, they can access the button from their smart phone. Check-in has never been easier. Please contact us if anyone would like to add the light button to their telephone only plan

Map: California fires in 2019

Again, we are experiencing many wildfires in California this fall. One of our users needed to evacuate from her apartment. Their family notified us that she is away from home. While this is not necessary, I feel relieved to learn that her family is attending to her safety. We could have suspended the check-in call if requested, but the fire was soon under control and the residents in the area were allowed to return home. We are very thankful for the many hardworking firemen here in California.

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