Dear CareRinger Users and Friends,

social distancing

It has been difficult for everyone to stay home and fight the Coronavirus. In a recent message from Senior Concerns, the challenges of many seniors who are alone and afraid are identified. Our senior community needs the ability to be reassured or be provided with help through personal visits from friends, neighbors and family. I know some of you are fine because you do have these trusted contacts who would know when you may need their help. Others may not be as fortunate. If you know anyone who could benefit from using CareRinger check-in calls, please let them know about your experience and how it works. During these unusual times, we are offering the CareRinger service for free to seniors who cannot afford the service.

telephone bridging

In addition, CareRinger has a telephone bridge that can be used for group calls. When the bridge is open, you can dial-in to join the call with other seniors. Please let us know of your interest in taking part in this social activity from the comfort of your own home. You will receive an update when it becomes available. If you would like to contact us, our line is always open. Below is our contact information.

Thank you,
Henry Chan, Director
voice call: 805.210.3168 x3000
fax call: 805.210.3168

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