The Tap2Check-in Button is a companion product for your CareRinger™ Early Check-in feature. When it’s about time for your check-in call, it will light up to alert you. All you need to do is tap the light to check in.

This product requires Wi-Fi Internet to operate. To make it easy for you, it comes preconfigured for your Wi-Fi service. We will re-program the unit for you if your Wi-Fi credentials have changed. Just return your unit for an update.

Tap2Check-in Button Setup

However, if you prefer to change the credentials yourself, we can instead provide you with the DIY unit to allow you to do it yourself with a smart phone. To begin:

  1. Power your unit with a 5V power supply
  2. Access your Wi-Fi settings
  3. Select the CareRinger Solution-AP
  4. Select Configure Wi-Fi (see picture)
  5. Select your Wi-Fi connection and enter the credentials

When connected, the Tap2Check-in Button will light up to let you know that it is communicating with your Wi-Fi network (Otherwise, repeat the steps). Push the button on the unit to reset the light, or it will turn off automatically by itself within the next few minutes.

The light will go on again when it’s about time for you to check-in. Simply tap on the button to turn off the light, the CareRinger system will know not to call you this time. Otherwise, the light will go off automatically after your next check-in call.

*** NOTE ***

When your Internet is disconnected, your unit will not function until the Internet is available again. Power your unit off and on to reset. If the credentials have changed, you will need to go through the setup steps again.

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Tap2Check-in Button Setup Instructions